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Tennis Channel's Greatest

Tennis Channel has just released their ranking of the 100 Greatest Tennis Players of All Time. Ivan Lendl enters at No. 18 on their list of tennis legends.

Ivan Lendl relied on a power game of strength and heavy topspin from the baseline to win eight majors: the 1989-90 Australian Singles Championships; the 1984, 1986-87 French Singles Championships; and three consecutive U.S. Singles Championships 1985-87. He competed in nineteen major finals, 8 consecutive at the U.S. (1982-1989).

One of tennis’ dominant forces in the 80s, he compiled amazing singles win-loss records at the majors: Australian 48-10; French 53-12; Wimbledon 48-14; U.S. 73-13, however the Wimbledon title always eluded him. He was ranked in the World Top 10 for thirteen years (1980-92), finishing at No. 1 in 1985-87, 1989.

He was the world No. 1 player for a total of 270 weeks, then second only to Pete Sampras (286), and registered a 157-week streak between September 9, 1985 and September 12, 1988. He holds 94 career singles titles, including a unique 1980 feat, winning three tournaments in successive weeks on three different surfaces.

Ivan Lendl was the driving force for the 1980 Czechoslovakian Davis Cup team, compiling a 7-0 record in singles and 3-0 in doubles, leading Czechoslovakia to its lone Davis Cup triumph.

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