Bruce Angeli

Associate Professional

Bruce is a well-travelled Connecticut native who has played singles and doubles tennis competitively and taught and coached the sport in both the United States and in Europe.

Rated by USPTA as P1/Elite Professional and certified in CardioTennis and USTA's 10 And Under Tennis, Bruce is a past Fairfield County Divisional winner, Men's Singles, 40+ with Connecticut Tennis Circuit / Connecticut Tennis Challenge.

His approach to the game as a teaching professional is holistic player development involving key areas of performance such as physical, technical, tactical, strategic, mental/emotional and environmental factors – all while having fun. Students range in age from five to over sixty-five.

A graduate of Emerson College, Boston, a USAF veteran and media executive, Bruce is the author of Late Call – Healthy Tennis for the Older Young at Heart, written with the Baby Boom and Gen X generation in mind.