Greg Regis

Associate Professional

Greg Regis is an extremely energetic, athletic trainer who does his best to make tennis entertaining and understandable. He excels at helping players of all ages improve movement and footwork. He likes to inspire kids to be the best they can be on and off of the court.

Greg was born in Norwalk, but raised in Stratford, CT. As a child, he played many sports including basketball and soccer but tennis is the sport he continues to be most passionate about. In high school, he competed at the varsity level in tennis, football, marching band, wrestling and indoor track. He played college football for two years and won a conference championship. His many years of playing sports has helped him learn the most efficient and effective ways to move, stay focused and control ball placement on the tennis court. In addition, he became adept at reading his opponent, which he could use to his advantage in competition.

Greg is a born leader. He tutored students in the classroom and in sports - which is how he landed his first job teaching tennis in Fairfield to kids aged 15 through 21. He received his professional PTR tennis certification and has been teaching ever since in various club and community-based programs.

Greg is energetic, eager and loves to teach. His goal is to help mentor his students to become successful both on and off of the tennis court.